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FAQs and Their Answers

I bought your kraut and now it is leaking?

Our Classic Kraut and our Honey-Ginger Kraut are raw and living products. Since we do not pasteurize it, all the probiotics (good bacteria) are still in there doing 'their fermentation thing'. In fact the fermentation keeps going on, but storing it below 4 degrees Celsius / 40 degrees Fahrenheit (fridge) slows it down drastically. That is the reason why you will find our products always in the cooling section at the stores. Sometimes it happens that the jar warms up in your shopping bag or car on the way home and finds its way into the fridge too late. Then the fermentation speeds up again and the brine gets pushed out through the edge of the lids. Just open the lid carefully and let the pressure release, close the lid again and keep the jar of raw sauerkraut always in the fridge. The kraut is absolutely fine of course - on the contrary, this is proof of the probiotic properties.

How long is the kraut enjoyable?

When stored in the refrigerator, kraut usually does not turn bad for many month. However, the quality may suffer a little the longer it is stored. Fresh, raw, unpasteurized kraut usually tastes crunchy, sightly sour but with a certain freshness. Since the fermentation takes place even in the fridge (slower), the kraut gets a bit softer and more sour over time. Though kraut stored in the fridge may not get bad or inedible, but it can taste different, softer and more sour. We recommend to eat our raw kraut as fresh as possible, but it should have a top quality for at least three to four month.

Why does your kraut taste different?

Our kraut is traditionally fermented for about three to four weeks before we fill it directly into the jars/pouches. We do not add vinegar or wine or any preservatives. Therefore our kraut - and all raw kraut - tastes usually stronger and more intense that pasteurized kraut. Sometimes different batches even taste slightly  different. This is the result of authentic food processing.

The kraut was moldy or did not taste good - can I bring it back?

You can always contact us and bring back a product, if you are not satisfied. Normally kraut can not turn moldy, but sometimes it happens, that the brine leaks and the outside of the lid or the upper part of the jar develops some mold. Although you can wipe this off and the kraut inside should be fine, you can bring back the jar and will get a new one.

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