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From ancient Greek to the top of your hot dog!

A brief overview how long sauerkraut is already around

Sauerkraut, the Superfood worthy of The Gods.
Sauerkraut, known by the Greek Hippocrates as a good remedy for constipation and later discovered to be rich in essentials vitamins, this Superfood was already beginning to make its mark as far back as the 1200’s. Later European monks cultivated the cabbage, fermenting to sauerkraut and developed the base for the modern use of this power food. Nowhere days its used as source for vitamin C, vitamin B6, B12 and K.
Not only the enormous richness of vitamins, but also the easy process of preservation – when fermented, sauerkraut can easily be stored for months.
The well-balanced combination of vitamins and trace elements maintain health and improve the resilience of the organism. By cleaning the intestines from bad substances, the blood is purified, and a healthy intestinal flora is created. Sauerkraut contains no fat or cholesterol and minimal carbohydrates. When Sauerkraut is fermented it activates the vitamin A, B, C and K as well as the necessary lactic acid, folic acid, calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium making it an all-round Superfood.
Its high vitamin C eliminates free radicals, the vitamin B6 supports the protein metabolism, which has a great impact on our nerve system, immune defense and the production of hemoglobin (red blood pigment). It even supplies some vitamin B12, which is usually hard to find in a plant-based diet.
Gluten free, it is perfect for a vegetarian or vegan diet. Whether on a sandwich (Reuben), a salad, a warm side dish or simply out of the jar, this Powerfood will not disappoint
BE AWARE. Whenever Sauerkraut is pasteurized to make it shelf-stable all the important probiotics are killed as these good bacteria are heat sensitive. Raw and full of probiotics Sauerkraut always needs to be stored in a refrigerator and the lids are never sealed (the pressure of the Lacto-fermentation needs to escape). So, whenever you see sauerkraut canned or stored at room temperature, it has been pasteurized and none of the good bacteria / probiotics are left. 
Our Classic Kraut contains only cabbage and salt (we need salt to start the fermentation process), traditionally fermented in small batches for about 28 days. As soon as the fermentation has reached the optimum phase, we fill the fermented kraut directly into the jars or pouches. We do not add vinegar or wine. It is always stored and cooled between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius / 32- and 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Our Sauerkraut is always 100% natural and pure. It is a living product to support a healthy diet.

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